What’s in a name?

Writing is a skill than does not come easy for many, myself included. Yet as Francis Bacon famously said, writing “makes an exact man.” And it is this adage that gives rise to this blog. In seeking to cultivate a level of “exactness,” I hope to share some thoughts on topics relevant to biblical studies, as well as contemporary culture.

The title of this blog stems from an area of research that has recently drawn my attention, namely the Book of the Twelve (A. K. A Minor Prophets).  The Hebrew Bible is composed of three primary sections: The Law, The Prophets, and The Writings, with the middle section being further subdivided into the Former and Latter Prophets. The Book of the Twelve is located in the Latter Prophets, along with Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel (note that Daniel is not included in this section, but is found in The Writings), and is composed of…well you guessed it, twelve books (Hosea-Malachi). There is evidence that these books circulated as a unified corpus in ancient Judaism, and thus should be read together.

My particular area of interest is how the New Testament uses the Book of the Twelve in its quotations, echoes, and allusions. And it is here that I begin my journey.


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