Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting

The Evangelical Theological Society will be hosting its annual meeting this year in Milwaukee, WI, on November 14-16, with the theme of “Caring for Creation.” Among the plenary speakers are: 1) Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation; 2) Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; 3) Richard Bauckham of the University of St. Andrews; and 4) Douglas Moo of Wheaton College.

I have spent the past week scouting out the sessions, and have found several that have peaked my interest.

1) Kevin Vanhoozer- “Exegesis I know, and Theology I know, but who are you? Biblical Hermeneutics and the Theological Interpretation of Scripture

2) Grant R. Osborne- “Hermeneutics and Paul: His Use of the OT in Ephesian 4:8

3) Stephen Dempster- “The Resurrection of Christ on ‘The Third Day’ According to the Scriptures

4) A panel on Vern’s Poythress’s book Inerrancy and the Gospels: A God-Centered Approach to the Challenge of Harmonization with Greg Beale, Robert Stein, and Guy Waters

5) A panel on “Engaging New Testament Theology with Greg Beale” with Mark Boda, Craig Evans, Scott Hafemann, and Grant Osborne

6) Recent Whole-Bible biblical Theologies featuring sessions discussing Peter Gentry/Steve Wellum’s book Kingdom Through Covenant, and Jim Hamilton’s book God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment

7) W. Edward Glenny- “The Relationship of the Two Amos Quotations in Acts

The sessions I am anticipating the most are those discussing Peter Gentry/Steve Wellum and Jim Hamilton’s books. Not only are the issues addressed by these works pertinent to a biblical studies, but these men also serve as professors at Southern Seminary.

I am still undecided whether SBL is an available option with my schedule, but if so, the sessions reviewing James Nogalski’s commentary on the Book of the Twelve, as well as the session discussing intertextual allusions in the Twelve would be my first two choices.

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