It’s Carnival Time…

Drewe at Delving into the Scriptures has hosted this month’s biblical studies carnival. One link in particular that is of interest here stands on the front of the translation theory of the LXX of Hosea.

Jacob Cerone, blogger at ἐνθύμησις, discusses the significance of the LXX rendering of the names of Hosea’s children, translating and not simply transliterating them. He rightly points out the implications this has for understanding the interpretive perspective of the translator(s) of Hosea. Furthermore, he notes the relevance this has for English Bible translations. Should the names be transliterated (Lo-Ruhama/Lo-Ammi), or should they be translated (No mercy/Not my people)? I recommend checking out the post.

Phil Long is on tap for next month’s carnival, so make sure to pass along any good biblical studies blog posts that you come across.

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