A Double Dose of Biblical Studies Carnival Fun

This month’s biblical studies carnival is now post at that jeff carter was here. It has quite the range of subject matter including an intriguing lecture on 1 Enoch, as well as a chart to help you keep your Mesopotamian deities straight. Overall, it looks like a great carnival.

But if that were not enough. Jim West has taken it upon himself to put together his own party of carnival links. He apparently opted for a carnage theme this month (?). Regardless, he has some good links posted as well.

Next month’s the biblical studies carnival will be hosted by yours truly. If you gather any good links over the next 30 days make sure to pass them along.


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4 responses to “A Double Dose of Biblical Studies Carnival Fun

  1. Andrew,

    Where can I find your email to send you a couple of links for the Carnival?

    Claude Mariottini

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