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December 2012 Biblical Studies Carnival

Abraham K-J, blogger over at Words on the Word, has hosted the December 2012 biblical studies carnival. He has included some good links, including several lists of top books/blog posts of the year. He also includes several sites that have recently published electronic versions of various manuscripts, notably the digital collection of the DSS from the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library. Readers may also be interested to find a link to the online text of the NA28, together with several reviews by Jim West, Rick Brannan, and Chris Keith. Overall, the carnival appears to be another hit, following last month’s stellar carnival hosted by Bob at Dust.

The purpose of the carnival serves as a compendium of biblical studies blogs, covering subjects ranging from language to literature, history to theology, as well as culture. Phil Long at Reading Acts is looking for bloggers to host future carnivals. Let him know if you would be interested in hosting. It’s a great opportunity to get your blog out there, as well as synthesize the world of biblical studies blogs for your readers.


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