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The Latest Review of Biblical Literature

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The most recent edition of the Review of Biblical Literature contains a couple worthwhile reads. Though a 2011 volume on Hosea was reviewed, it does not make my list of suggestions. While the book claims to take a fresh literary perspective on the text of Hosea, this approach is coupled with a feminist and psychoanalytical perspective; a combination that does not generally win my interest.

But, two monographs that do look appealing are Frederick J. Murphy’s Apocalypticism in the Bible and Its World: A Comprehensive Introductionas well as Textual Criticism and Dead Sea Scrolls Studies in Honour of Julio Trebolle Barrera: Florilegium Complutense edited by Pablo A. Torijano Morales and Andrés Piquer Otero. I have referenced Murphy’s work before, but am glad to see it reviewed by both Adela Yarbro Collins and by Marius Nel, both of whom have dealt extensively with apocalyptic literature. The volume on textual criticism, reviewed by Andrea Ravasco, has a list of contributors that is nothing less than stellar. In each case, the reviews provide helpful summaries of the books.

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