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I Sermon I Really Hated


I have listened to many sermons during my time as a Christian. Though I have sought to glean what is good and helpful from each, there have been few that I would say were truly paradigm shifting.

This past Sunday I sat under preaching that profoundly impacted me. In fact, I would say it has made it into the top ten most helpful sermons I have heard. The text was James 3:13-18. Our preaching pastor, Ryan Fullerton, did not uncover any new or hidden meaning, he simply preached the text, bringing it to bear on what I discovered to be my hard heart.

For those of us who spend our days studying the text, it can be easy to assume that we are growing in “wisdom” as we grow in knowledge. On Sunday I was reminded of the reality that there is a “wisdom” that is unspiritual at least, and demonic at worst. I hated this sermon, but I needed it.

I know that everyone recommends sermons,  but really, give this one a listen and let me know if you find it helpful (find it here).

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