Lots of Free Old Testament Lectures

Rusty Osborne, co-founder of the OT blog Law, Prophets & Writings, has compiled a list of free Old Testament courses on Itunes U. If you are unfamiliar with Itunes U, it is a resource  by Apple, providing access to higher education classes free of charge. The number of academic institutions represented is staggering, as is the range of material available. These resources can be downloaded from Itunes U via the Iphone/Ipod app, or simply downloaded through itunes on a computer.

These Old Testament lectures originate from different university/seminary contexts, but afford one an in depth look into the various parts of the Hebrew Bible. Of particular interest here are the courses on Book of the Twelve by scholars such as Richard Pratt, John Goldingay, and David L. Talley. I have listened to most of Dr. Pratt’s lectures previously, finding them to be rather helpful.

Thanks to Rusty for compiling this list.

HT: Charles Halton

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